Division of Technology, Industry and Economics

Chemicals and Waste

The Chemicals and Waste Branch, based in Geneva with units is Osaka and Paris and in UNEP’s Regional Offices, is the UN’s catalysing body, and UNEP’s focal point, for addressing chemicals and waste. Its approach to the chemicals lifecycle means it seeks sound chemicals management, waste minimization and proper waste disposal, while addressing the need to prioritize green chemistry, identify safer alternatives, and achieve waste minimization through promoting reuse and recycling.  The ultimate goal is to protect people and the environment from the adverse effects of improper chemicals management and hazardous chemicals and waste.

 UNEP's Chemicals and Waste Branch reflects global priorities shared by many stakeholders and involving many sectors. UNEP is providing support to policy-makers to strengthen national legislation and guidance, and working with partners to develop and share resources, improve tools and knowledge, and boost institutional capacity to deal with the challenges of chemicals management.