Division of Technology, Industry and Economics


Economics and Trade

UNEP’s Economics and Trade Branch (ETB) examines how economics, trade and finance interact with the environment and contribute to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels. Located in Geneva, it heads the Green Economy Initiative to assist countries in integrating environmental considerations into economic and trade policies. ETB assists countries in:

  • Assessing the environmental effects of macro-economic trade and financial policies and implementing appropriate measures for integrated assessment and planning

  • Designing and implementing appropriate national policies to promote sustainable development, including through the use of market-based incentives, subsidy reform and other types of economic instruments

  • Developing balanced, integrated and mutually supportive trade and environmental policies at the national, regional and multilateral levels

  • Promoting more innovative approaches to financing for sustainable development, including collaboration with the private sector

  • Strengthening implementation of MEAs and promoting understanding, dialogue and dissemination of information about the MEAs

  • Strengthening institutional cooperation, capacity building, and partnerships for sustainable development.