The Division, with its Director in Nairobi, has branches in Paris, Geneva and Osaka.

Chemicals- Promotes sustainable development by catalysing global actions and building national capacities for the sound management of chemicals and the improvement of chemical safety worldwide.

Economics and Trade Branch- Enhances the capacities of countries to integrate environmental considerations into economic and trade policies and promotes the greening of the finance sector.

Energy, Climate and Technology- Assists developing countries in improving energy efficiency and increasing use of renewable energy as part of their efforts to achieve low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

International Environmental Technology Centre- Implements integrated waste, water and disaster management programmes, focusing in particular on Asia.

OzonAction- Supports the phase out of ozone-depleting substances in developing countries and countries with economies in
transition to ensure implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry - Promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns to contribute to human development through the market.