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IEMP Initiatives

UNEP-IEMP's mandate of synthesizing science findings for decision-making on ecosystem management is supported by three interrelated initiatives:


1. Monitoring and Capacity Building

UNEP-IEMP is undertaking comprehensive stocktaking and assessment of global ecosystem monitoring and research capacity. Meanwhile, it has also started its assessment of ecosystem management and the best ways to increase capacity for ecosystem research and management in Africa..

2. Integrated Knowledge Management

UNEP-IEMP is designing a database to share methods, tools and knowledge of ecosystem management in developing countries for decision making. The database will support key regional assessments of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

3. Science for Policy

UNEP-IEMP has begun synthesizing leading-edge science to support policy setting. By drafting a number of policy papers and organizing high-level fora, UNEP-IEMP advocates the role of ecosystem management in a green economy. In addition, it supports China’s South-South cooperation programmes on ecosystem management and climate change