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Naivasha : Story of an African Rift Valley lakeNaivasha : Story of an African Rift Valley lake

This short film explores the environmental pressures threatening Lake Naivasha, a fresh water lake in Kenya’s Rift Valley.  It looks at the importance of the lake for the Kenyan economy an ...

Ocean AcidificationOcean Acidification

The scientists note that ocean acidification is already detectable and is accelerating. They caution that its negative impacts can be avoided only by limiting future atmospheric CO2 levels.

Harvesting Rain-KenyaHarvesting Rain-Kenya

In the arid farmlands of eastern Kenya, a German NGO has been helping communities to harvest rain. Using the occasional rock features that interrupt the otherwise flat landscape, they are building si ...

Escaping Floods- MozambiqueEscaping Floods- Mozambique

All along the banks of the Zambezi, vulnerable populations are being moved to resettlement sites, where they are safe from the floods but no longer have access to their farms and livelihoods. Rebuild ...

Drip Irrigation- SenegalDrip Irrigation- Senegal

Drip irrigation has become popular in Senegal, where an Israeli NGO is
teaching farmers the simple technique that gives them control over
their crops and does not leave them entirely at the ...

Greening UNEPGreening UNEP

UNEP is working together with UNON on greening the UN Gigiri compound in Nairobi, Kenya.

Oliver Goh Koon JeowOliver Goh Koon Jeow

Youth Leader (Singapore)

Nouf Abdul Rahman AlhermiNouf Abdul Rahman Alhermi

Youth Leader (Manama,Kingdom of Bahrain)

Mathew MaioranaMathew Maiorana

Tunza Youth Advisor (U.S.A)

Caitlin & PaulinaCaitlin & Paulina

Tunza Youth Advisors (Canada & Mexico)

Anne WalravenAnne Walraven

Tunza Youth Advisor (Netherlands)

Volvo Ocean RaceVolvo Ocean Race

This is a 35,000 km race around the world using vane energy.It creates a great opportunity to send the message out "using energy that doesn’t pollute to combat climate change."

Cold Water CoralsCold Water Corals

One of the most startling discoveries has been the abundance of coral reefs, living hundreds of metres below the surface of the sea, at around 4 to 13 degrees centigrade. Whats more, many of these re ...


Forteleza, capital of sierra in Brazil has a population of 30million people and produces 3,300 tonnes of garbage gaily. Prof. Albert Brasil looks at three major points which are crucial to the creati ...


Have you ever wondered what you could do to change things around you?

Caring for ChimpanzeesCaring for Chimpanzees

After examining chimpanzee habitats decades after her initial research, Jane Goodall finds that forests outside of the national parks have been destroyed.

Maasai MaraMaasai Mara

An Eco-lodge in Kenya where the lodges owners and designers spared no effort to adopt the greenest approaches to energy, water, waste, transport, and building material.

Short Films

  • Iraqi Marshlands: On the road to recovery
    The Iraqi Marshlands considered by some as the original biblical "Garden of Eden" and an ecosystem of global importance had been almost entirely destroyed by the time the former Iraqi regime collapsed in 2003. The UNEP project, "Support for Environmental Management of the Iraqi Marshlands", is helping the Iraqi people to restore the marshlands and manage them in a sustainable manner, as well as providing safe drinking water and sanitation systems to marshlands communities lacking access to these basic necessities.
  • Cloud Forests
    Tropical montane cloud forests are a rare type of evergreen mountain forest found in tropical areas where local climatic conditions cause cloud and mist to be regularly in contact with the forest vegetation. These forests support ecosystems of distinctive floristic and structural form and contain a disproportionately large number of the worlds endemic and threatened species.
  • Gathering Storm - The humanitarian impact of climate change
    As the Poznan Climate Change conference enters its final days, UNEP, with IRIN (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ),is pleased to announce the launch of eight short videos exploring the human cost of climate change in Africa. While climate change is not new to Africa, the pace of change has accelerated, as it has in many other parts of the world. Examining specific examples of change in Africa can help shed light on the causes of change, the problems engendered, and possible solutions



  • Achim Steiner's podcast on the Year of the Gorilla
    (15 January 2009)
  • Achim Steiner’s Podcast on Biodiversity: Sustaining Life
    (29 April 2008)