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Rainwater Harvesting : a Lifeline for Human well-being

Rainwater Harvesting : a Lifeline for Human well-beingThis publication highlights the link between rainwaterharvesting, ecosystems and human well being and drawsthe attention of readers to both the negative and positiveaspects of using this technology and how the negativebenefits can be minimized and positive capitalized. In this report, the concept of rainwater harvesting is examined for its potential to increase human well-beingwithout eroding the ecosystems functions that waterserves in the local landscape. Examples from diverse geographical and societal settings are examined, to demonstrate the benefits and constraints of rainwater harvesting technologies in addressing multiple demands for freshwater in specific locations The aim is to compile a synthesis of experiences that can provide insight intothe multiple opportunities rainwater harvesting can have when addressing human well-being, while continuing to sustain a range of ecosystem services.

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