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Ecosytem Management Project
UNEP is currently implementing a project for ecosystem management with funding from the Government of Norway to implement the pilot phase of its Medium Term Strategy 2010-2013 of which USD 9.87 million is being allocated to the Ecosystem Management Sub-programme. The project consists of the following 11 sub-projects being implemented by various Divisions in UNEP:

    • Communication and training materials for capacity building of stakeholders;
    • Strengthening the Science Base;
    • Congo Basin and Ugandan Forests;
    • Ecosystem Management of the Himalayas Mountain Range;
    • Coastal Ecosystem Management;
    • Ecosystem Restoration of Lake Faguibine, Northern Mali; Biodiversity and Ecosystems;
    • Green Economy;
    • MEA Focal Points;
    • One UN; and
    • Support to the Kenya Country Programme.

Freshwater Ecosystems
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Terrestrial Ecosystems

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Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
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Ecosystem Services and Economics
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