Abidjan Scoping Meeting

Abidjan Scoping Meeting for Securing the Foundations for Fish Food Security in a Changing Ocean in West, Central and Southern Africa, Abidjan, Cote d’lvoire, 15-17 July 20144

Fishery resources make a major, irreplaceable contribution to nutrition and food security, in addition to their importance to the economies of many countries in terms of income and creation of employment, particularly in developing countries. In a large number of African countries fish is the only affordable source of several essential nutrients and therefore of overwhelming importance for food and nutrition security.

Objectives of the Meeting

The project scoping meeting will be organised to define and agree on the scope of the project, so that detailed project proposal can be prepared after the Meeting. The main objectives of the Meeting are:

  1. to form an common understanding of an approach to securing foundations for ocean fish food security to be adopted between regional seas programmes and regional fishery bodies; and

  2. to discuss and agree on elements of project activities to be implemented during the project implementation. These elements should include, but not limited to, selection of pilot activities, sub-region(s) or countries, thematic intervention areas, necessary budgets, implementation modalities and process of future replication.


Workshop Presentations
UNEP(DEPI)/APSM.1/WP.3. Report of a Stakeholder Scoping Meeting: English and French
 Day 1 FAO/UNEP/Norway - Project design 
  CCLME Project Presentation
  COPACE (CECAF) Presentation
  COREP Presentation
  CSRP (SRFC) Presentation
  The future EAF Nansen Programme
  FCWC Presentation 
  The impact of environmental factors on fish food security in West Africa
  NEAFC Presentation
  Organizing Regional Fisheries  &  Ocean Environment Management
  FAO/UNEP/Norway Project Meeting - Objectives and Structure
  OSPAR Commission Presentation
Day 2 Modalities for Cooperation
  Strengthening the ocean’s ecological foundation for food production 
  Current regional arrangements to address ocean related food security and environmental issues 
Day 3 Factors to consider in developing Pilot activities
  Why fish ? 
Working Documents


Provisional Agenda


Background Paper

Information Documents


Provisional List of Participants


Information Note


Overview regional fisheries bodies off the Atlantic coast of Africa