Regional Seas Visioning Workshop

The Regional Seas Visioning Workshop will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 3-4 July 2014

The international community has, over the past decade, become increasin gly concerned about the many issues involving oceans and coasts as demonstrated in the Rio+20 outcome document “The future we want”. The issues of concern include depleting fishing stocks, destruction of natural marine habitats (notably in coastal zones and around islands), pressure of urbanisation and tourism on coastal regions, and marine pollution from maritime and land-based activities. Also, the international community (UN agencies, governments, environmental NGOs, and a multitude of other stakeholders) appears to increasingly acknowledge the existence of a governance gap with respect to oceans, especially in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

A major concern is that the efficiency and effectiveness of global oceans governance is being weakened by the fragmentation of responsibilities within the UN system (UN - DOALOS, FAO, IMO, UNEP, IOC - UNESCO) and among the many global and regional Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). This is certainly not a new phenomenon, but one that has been grown proportionally with the emergence of new institutions and actors.

The Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans certainly have played an important role in the protection of the marine environment during the last 40 years. With a view towards the future, it has become important to understand where can the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans contribute to the large international initiatives being discussed within and outside of the UN system.

Taking into the account the above mentioned context, the objectives of the workshop are:

  1. Identify objectives and priorities for the future positioning of the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans.
  2. Identification of a roadmap with short, medium and long term milestones.
  3. Identification of partnerships with external partners (UN agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders).
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