Facts & Figures

Here's a few facts and figures on the current state of our seas - please share with your friends & colleagues on twitter and help us raise awareness on the importance of looking after our oceans.

#didyouknow about 350m jobs around the world are linked to the oceans? #OceansAt40  
90% of people who derive livelihoods from fishing live in developing countries. #OceansAt40   
About 46,000 pieces of plastic are est to be afloat on every square mile of ocean. #OceansAt40  
1bn people in developing countries depend on fish for their primary source of protein. #OceansAt40   
85 nations & an est US$102bn per year are involved in the international trade in fish and fish products. #OceansAt40  
The annual value of the fish trade for dev countries is about US$25bn -2x the value of the coffee trade. #OceansAt40  
In 2008, nearly 80 million tonnes of fish were captured - that's an est US$80bn & 35m jobs. #OceansAt40  
Today > 30% of the world's fish stocks are overexploited, depleted or recovering from depletion. #OceansAt40  
#didyouknow Over 400 dead zones-where nothing can live-exist in today's oceans, covering 95,000 sq miles. #OceansAt40