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Feature stories

UNEP Launches New Jim Toomey Video on Wastewater (December 2014)
Lake Victoria Towns to Adopt Best Practices in Faecal Sludge Management (September 2014)
Safeguarding the Caribbean Sea by Improving Wastewater Management (August 2014)

Black Sea in Pollution Crisis: Georgian Communities Take Action (August 2014)

UNEP and NOAA studies highlight financial costs of marine debris (August 2014)

Reducing Harmful Algal Blooms (August 2014)




Why Value Our Oceans? A Discussion Paper

Green Economy in a Blue World Synthesis Report

Regional Seas Series Reports

Regional Seas Partnership for Sustainable Development

Invasive Alien Species - A Growing Threat in Regional Seas

Marine Coastal Invasive Species

Marine Protected Areas Leaflet


UNEP Regional Seas Programme Linked with Large Marine Ecosystems Asset and Management

Tightening The Noose - The growing threat of Marine Litter

Catch Fish not Turtles using Long lines: Protecting seas turtles, saving your livelihood

London Convention and Protocol/UNEP Guidelines for the Placement of Artificial Reefs

Abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear

Accounting for Economic Activities in Large Marine Ecosystems and Regional Seas

Deep-sea biodiversity and ecosystems

Financing the implementation of regional seas conventions and action plans

Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Deep Waters and High Seas

A Handbook on Governance and Socioeconomics of Large Marine Ecosystems

Review of Marine Pollution Monitoring and Assessment in UNEP's Regional Seas Programmes


Press releases

Keynote Address by Achim Steiner at the 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (6 February 2014)

Speech by Ibrahim Thiaw, Deputy Executive Director UNEP at the 18th Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (5 December 2013)

Provisional Statement on Status of Climate in 2013: Continuing high temperatures globally and many climate extremes worldwide (13 November 2013)

Global Treaty on Mercury Pollution Gets Boost from United States (7 November 2013)

United Nations Convention Tackling Hazardous Mercury Opens for Signature (7 October 2013)

IPCC confirms that human activity will further warm the Earth, with dramatic effects on weather, sea-levels and the Arctic (27 September 2013)

PlanetSolar successfully concludes her 2013 campaign in Paris (10 September 2013)

World's Largest Solar Ship Docks in Halifax, Canada (18 July 2013)

Report Shows Unprecedented Climate Extremes over Last Decade (3 July 2013)

Climate Change, Water Shortages, Biodiversity Loss, will have Growing Impacts on Global Business: UN Report (21 June 2013)

Pioneer Swimmer Lewis Pugh Unveiled as UN Environment Programme Patron for Oceans (19 June 2013

New Rules for International Trade in Timber, Marine and Other Wild Animals and Plants Come into Force (17 June 2013)

Remarks by Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, at the Museum Of Oceanography in Monaco (3 April 2013)

Efforts to Improve Access to Environmental Data in Focus at Dublin Conference (11 March 2013)

Strengthened Governance and Management Required to Prevent Rush for Resources from Damaging Fragile Arctic Environment, Says UNEP Year Book 2013 (18 February 2013)

First Universal Session of UNEP Governing Council to Galvanize New Environmental Era in Support of a Sustainable Century (14 February 2013)

UNEP Studies Show Rising Mercury Emissions in Developing Countries (9 January 2013)

Food, Water and Livelihoods in Pacific Islands under Increasing Threat from Climate Change (30 November 2012)

At United Nations Biodiversity Conference, Countries Agree to Double Resources for Biodiversity Protection by 2015 (20 October 2012)

Accounting for the Values of Ecosystems can Play Key Role in Efforts to Achieve International Biodiversity Targets (17 October 2012)

Opening Remarks by Ms. Amina Mohamed, UNEP Deputy Executive Director During the 14th Global Meeting of The Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans (1 October 2012)

Countries Agree New Plan for Global Shark Conservation (27 September 2012)

In Republic of Korea, Ban Launches New Initiative to Protect Oceans (13 August 2012)

UN and Partners Launch Global Partnership on Marine Litter at Rio+20 (19 June 2012)

On World Oceans Day, Ban Urges Countries to Protect Marine Environment (11 June 2012)

Green Investments in the Marine Sector Can Bring a Tide of Economic and Social Benefits (23 January 2012)