Partnerships in the Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch

UNEP’s Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch works with a wide range of committed partners and donors. Partnerships are a key enabler for combatting climate change and foster sustainable development and are firmly embedded in the way UNEP's Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch works at global, regional and national level. By joining forces with other players, the Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch can leverage additional resources, expertise and technical know-how to help developing countries in their effort to achieve sustainable development.

With whom we partner?

The Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch supports developing countries to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy as part of their effort to achieve low-carbon and climate resilient development pathways. It does so by guiding developing countries on the right policy, technology and investment choices to help them reduce their emissions from the use of energy and drive sustainable development. To deliver our results in these areas, we work in close collaboration with national and local governments, the wider UN family, other international and regional organisations, international financial institutions, the private sector, civil society organisations, academic entities and foundations. The resources, expertise and know-how contributed to achieve our results make all the difference.

How to partner with the Branch?

1. Strategic partnerships

Partners and donors can engage with the Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch through strategic partnerships based on joint planning and monitoring arrangements and covering one or several priority areas of the Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch. The contribution of the partner can be financial and/or in-kind.

2. Single project partnerships

The partner or donor can support a single project with financial and/or in-kind contributions.

3. Sponsorships

Partners can sponsor or provide in-kind contributions to meetings, conferences or special events such as the celebration of World Environment Day (5 June) as well as help us to promote specific products of the Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch such as publications or exhibitions on energy topics.

4. Secondments of experts

Partnerships in action

UNEP and the FIA Foundation: Joining hands for doubling the efficiency of the global car fleet by 2050.
UNEP and the African Union Commission team up to develop geothermal energy in East Africa.
UNEP and Standard Bank: Partnering for spurring low-carbon growth in Africa.
For questions regarding partnerships, or if you are seeking a way to contribute to the work of UNEP’s Energy, Climate, and Technology Branch please contact: