UNEP Environmental Governance Sub-Programme
Environmental governance at the national, regional and global levels is critical for the achievement of environmental sustainability and ultimately sustainable development. The subprogramme addresses key factors in achieving:

  • Coherent international decision-making processes for EG; 
  • Adequate capacities to achieve internationally agreed objectives & national environmental priorities through adequate legal & institutional measures; 
  • Integration of environmental sustainability in development at all levels, including regional, sub-regional and national.

More information is provided in this factsheet. UNEP and Environmental Governance at a Glance

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Montevideo Programme Environmental Law Seminar:
Enforcement of environmental law to combat environmental crime and illegal activities in the field of environment
Conference Room 3, 11 June 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

Montevideo Programme Environmental Law Seminar:
Law to regulate air pollution and protect Earth’s atmosphere

23-24 June 2015, Osaka, Japan

InforMEA Launches Four Courses Through Its New E-Learning Tool

The InforMEA E-Learning Tool aims at building knowledge and greater understanding of International Environmental Law (IEL).

Building Capacities to Strengthen Carbon Markets in African Countries

Carbon markets are an essential mechanism for the successful implementation of the international climate change regime.

The flexible mechanisms established under the Kyoto protocol are among the principle drivers of the development of such markets especially in developing countries.



Environmental Governance by Region
Africa - Nairobi, Kenya Europe - Geneva, Switzerland West Asia - Manama,Bahrain North America - Washington, DC Latin America - Panama City, Panama Asia Pacific - Bangkok,Thailand