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Getting the Message Across: Crafting ‘CEPA’ Approaches to Promote Successful Negotiation and Implementation of ABS


The workshop is in response to CBD COP IX/32, which called upon Parties to work to increase capacity for communicating the issues related to the question of Access and Benefit Sharing. The event is a unique opportunity to take stock of communication tools and approaches that pertains to the issue of access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from their utilization. New tools and approaches relative to communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) will be developed during the workshop. These tools and approaches will subsequently be presented during the next UN CBD meeting on ABS WF 7, which will take place in Paris in April, 2009.

This workshop aims to:

  1. Take stock of recommendations elaborated to date for promoting ABS CEPA in Africa.
  2. Provide participants with new tools, approaches and ideas on how to use communication as a lever for anchoring ABS in the political system, thus supporting the cause of poverty alleviation in Africa.
  3. Translate these tools, approaches and ideas to the participants’ specific circumstances, and deriving generalized recommendations for other interested parties.
  4. Support the cooperation between CBD/ABS Focal Points and Communication experts so as to enable these actors to jointly design and implement ABS communication strategies.

 Expected Outcomes: Communication Tool Kit for Africa

Photo's from the Workshop

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