International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference

6 November 2013, Nairobi, Kenya

Conference Room 2

Highlights for Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The INTERPOL General Secretariat Headquarters, through its Environmental Crime Programme and UNEP are pleased to announce the international Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference, to be held at the United Nations Complex in Nairobi.

High-level national enforcement officials, high-level ministerial/government representatives, relevant organizations and representatives from civil society are invited to come together in this unique forum to debate on recent trends and the impacts of violations of environmental law for sustainable development and the implementation of agreed environmental goals, discuss possible solutions and the impact of new and existing tools in combatting these violations and to agree on the formulation of action points going forward.

Side Events

Stolen Apes: Building an Illegal Trade Database for Chimpanzees,   Gorillas, Orangutans and Bonobos 

Venue : Conference Room 9 ,  Time:  13.00 – 14.00

Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances: Supporting  Compliance with the Montreal Protocol through Cooperation and Enforcement 

Venue : Conference Room 13 , Time:  13.00 – 14.00