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UNEP Organises the MEA Negotiators Training Session for National Stakeholders in Botswana


UNEP Division for Environmental Law and Conventions (DELC) is organising a national training workshop on MEA negotiation skills in Gabarone, Botswana between 16-19 March 2009. This is the first such training in Botswana focusing on enhancing the capacities and skills of national stakeholders to effectively participate in MEA negotiations and improve skills of environmental diplomacy.

This training session is being held in partnership with Department of Environmental Affairs with the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Botswana.

Approximately 35 participants from all relevant sectors are participating in the training workshop that include a day and half long simulation exercise wherein the participants negotiated texts related to ABS international regime in plenary, working group and contact group sessions.

Discussions also focused on preparing for the negotiations, do’s and do not’s in a negotiation, dealing with coalitions and regional groups, negotiation etiquette, follow up to negotiations and the related. The training session is also expected to strengthen the Department of Environmental Affairs in their future preparatory processes for MEA negotiations besides supporting activities of Division of MEA coordination within the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism and the Division for International Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Details of the workshop, agenda and results will be available on this site after the training session is completed.

For further details, contact:

Ms. Elizabeth M Mrema and Dr. Balakrishna Pisupati
Division for Environmental Law and Conventions

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