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Implementation of Governing Council decision SSXI/1

A new Consultative Group has been established by the Governing Council to build upon the work of the previous group and consider options for broader reform of the current IEG system. The outcome of the Group's discussions will be contributed to the preparatory process for the Rio+20 Conference in support of its second theme: The institutional framework for Sustainable Development.

Implementation of Governing Council Decision Decision 26/4

Recalling its decision 25/4 of 20 February 2009, on international environmental governance, in
which it established a consultative group of ministers or high-level representatives that in accordance with its mandate presented a set of options for improving international environmental governance1 to the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum at its eleventh special session, with a view to providing inputs to the General Assembly.

First Meeting of the Consultative Group, Nairobi  7-9 July 2010


 Second Meeting of the Consultative Group, Helsinki 21-23 November 2010

As per paragraph 19 of the co-Chairs’ summary of the first meeting of the Consultative Group, the co-Chairs with the advice of the Executive Director of UNEP elaborated the descriptions of the nine options entailed in the Executive Director’s paper, ‘Ideas for broader reform of international environmental governance’, which the Consultative Group had reduced from the original 24 options during their first meeting. Based on paragraph 18 of the co-Chairs’ summary, the UNEP Secretariat also prepared a document to help format a comparative analysis of options for broader IEG reform.

Documents for the meeting have undergone an extensive consultation process with governments, the UN system through the Environment Management Group and UNEP's Major Groups and Stakeholders. Below the documents for the meeting can be found, including comments received on them from governments, the UN system and Major Groups and Stakeholders.

Practical Information for Helsinki Meeting