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Blue EconomyBlue Economy

Gunter Pauli, author and founder of Zeri introduces his ideas on how 100 innovations could create one hundred million jobs in the next decade

Innovative Water Purification SystemsInnovative Water Purification Systems

An innovative water purification system saves energy, eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and could generate 250,000 jobs within a decade.

Trees, Water and People - Sasakawa Prize LaureateTrees, Water and People - Sasakawa Prize Laureate

Trees, Water and People (TWP) collaborates with local NGOs to distribute fuel-efficient cook stoves which burn 70% less wood, saving families US$1 - $5/day, and decrease harmful carbon emissions by 1 ...

Clean Affordable Lighting solutions - Sasakawa LaureateClean Affordable Lighting solutions - Sasakawa Laureate

Nuru Design brings clean, affordable lighting solutions to rural communities in Rwanda, Kenya and India with portable, rechargeable LED lights. The lights can be recharged by solar panel or by human ...

UNEP interview with H.E. William KayongaUNEP interview with H.E. William Kayonga

H.E. William Kayonga, High Commissioner of the Republic of Rwanda to Kenya, speaks with Satinder Bindra, UNEP Director of Communications, about the recent announcement that Rwanda will host World Env ...

The Green Economy: panel group discussion highlights from COP15 meeting in CopenhagenThe Green Economy: panel group discussion highlights from COP15 meeting in Copenhagen

This is a short film showing
the highlights from COP15 in Copenhagen with Achim Steiner heading the

Union of Green - Green economyUnion of Green - Green economy

An economy that is more environmentally responsible and therefore longer lasting and that holds the promise of social justice. Achieving a low carbon global economy requires large scale investment in ...

Responsible Business-The Road To CopenhagenResponsible Business-The Road To Copenhagen

Companies profiled:BASF; ALSTOM; C.F.Moller; Danfoss Group, Denmark.

Curitiba CityCuritiba City

Watch how Curitiba works to achieve the vision of the Biocity.

Copenhagen becomes the 100th participant of the UNEP Climate Neutral NetworkCopenhagen becomes the 100th participant of the UNEP Climate Neutral Network

Watch the video message by Klaus Bondam, Copenhagen's Mayor for Technics and the Environment on …

Achim Steiner during the UN Day celebrations in ArendalAchim Steiner during the UN Day celebrations in Arendal

Watch the video message from UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner for the UN Day celebrations in …

Janos Pasztor, UN Climate Change TeamJanos Pasztor, UN Climate Change Team

Janos Pasztor, Director of the Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team, expresses concern that just weeks away from the United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen, public suppo ...

Ban Ki-moon on "The Road to Copenhagen"Ban Ki-moon on "The Road to Copenhagen"

An interview with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the current state of climate change and what needs to be done by all the stakeholders.

What if...What if...

What if...The Earth’s protective ozone layer was destroyed? What if...The gases that cause climate change were double what they are today?