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Andre Giacini de Freitas - Biography

Andre is a passionate and tireless advocate for consensus-based responsible forest management. He grew up in Brazil, the son of a civil engineer that specialized in wood and forests. Although exposed to wood and forests since his early days, it wasn’t until he was invited to experience some forestry works firsthand that he was able to step outside his own experiences and see the forest objectively - as a complex and rich ecosystem. 

With this new realisation came an acute awareness about the diversity of forces that shape, and are shaped, by forests and a desire to find solutions to forest use that minimise ecosystem damage while also achieving maximum social benefit to its human stakeholders.
This led him to enter the University of São Paulo’s forestry programme, where he

gained an engineering degree in forestry.  After completing his studies, Andre worked to improve worker’s rights by implementing certification schemes and codes of practice at the International Federation of Building and Wood Workers.  He expanded his field experience by working as an auditor for IMAFLORA (A Brazilian Forest and Agriculture NGO and SmartWood affiliate), later rising to become its Executive Director.

Andre also shaped private sector policy in a meaningful way during his tenure as Social & Environmental Manager at Rabobank by coordinating the development and implementation of a social and environmental policy for the bank’s operations in Brazil.

Andre’s rare skill set, which combines broad professional experience with deep technical skills, has brought a new level of engagement between the FSC and its stakeholders, ensuring that the organisation is more responsive and transparent than ever before and driving the FSC’s growth into becoming the leading certification scheme for the responsible management of the world’s forests.