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Supporting the policy dialogue within Ministerial processes

UNEP is represented in the major policy dialogues in the UNECE region, including the Environment for Europe process, the Health and Environment process, and the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE).  The most important of the three processes – Environment for Europe - is being reformed as agreed by the 6th Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (October 2007, Belgrade, Serbia) in order to ensure that the process remains relevant and valuable, and to strengthen its effectiveness as a mechanism for improving environmental quality and the lives of people across the region.

UNEP actively participates in the ongoing debate and attended all relevant meetings in 2008. Following various discussions by the ECE’s Committee of Environment Policy (CEP), the reform plan is to be finalized and submitted to the ECE for endorsement in spring 2009. In addition, UNEP is an observer and actively contributes to the sub-regional Ministerial processes of the Alpine Convention and the Danube River Protection Convention, and provides the Interim Secretariat of both the Carpathian and Tehran conventions.

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