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West Asia

Under the Environmental Governance sub-programme, activities are taking place in the West Asia region to provide good quality data and information for decision-making.  At the request from CAMRE, the Environment Outlook for the Arab Region (EOAR) is being developed. 

As part of the GEO process in West Asia, the first draft of the GEO Cities Manual/Guidelines for Integrated Environmental Assessment of Urban Areas for Arab Region has been completed.  Working in collaboration with Environmental Centre for Arab Towns (ECAT), the manual aims to build capacities in the Arab Region for integrated environmental assessment and reporting at city and local levels.

In order to foster enhanced access to environmental data and information in the region, West Asia furthered its development of core GIS database and visualization tools as part of the online map server for West Asia, and developed online vital graphics concerning priority environmental issues. The region also further developed the GEO West Asia Data Portal in collaboration with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the University of United Arab Emirates and has continued to support the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi in the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative. Under the umbrella of the League of Arab States and in collaboration with the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE), an initial framework for Regional Environmental Information Network for the Arab region has been developed and support is being provided to national efforts to develop frameworks for national environmental information networks in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, and Syria.