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Priority Setting for Evaluation: Developing a strategic evaluation portfolio

Resources are scarce and best use should be made of them to deliver against the core evaluation purposes of

(i) providing evidence of results to meet accountability requirements and
(ii) promoting operational improvement and learning.

To this end, the Evaluation Office (EO) in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has developed a method for analyzing and prioritizing potential evaluations to improve the selection of a portfolio of activities that will lead to the greatest pay-off to the organization.

Lessons Learned from Evaluation

In order to enhance the quality of lessons, improve their utilization, and to aid their dissemination and communication to both internal and external audiences, EOU decided to develop a Framework of Lessons from Evaluation.

In common with many organizations, lessons derived from evaluations have had limited success as a feedback mechanism for programme/project design and implementation within UNEP.
Internal and External Needs for Evaluative Studies in a Multilateral Agency: Matching Supply with Demand in UNEP

Internal and external needs for evaluation studies in a multilateral agency - Matching supply with demand in UNEP. This study explores how evaluations are used within the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and, to a limited extent, how they influence donor funding decisions. It also provides indications for future direction of the evaluation function of the organization. to the resources required to produce them.