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Moa Westman
Moa Westman

As Regional Programme Adviser for the joint UN Development Programme-UN Environment Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) in Africa, Moa Westman provides programme support and policy advice within the field of inclusive natural resource management for poverty reduction to Government counterparts and PEI country teams.

Moa leads gender mainstreaming efforts across PEI Africa's natural resource management and climate portfolio and has developed PEI Africa's gender strategy. To enhance these efforts, Moa organized a gender economics and policy training in the context of natural resource management and climate change for government partners in Africa in 2014 and 2015. Moa is the co-author of the working paper Empowering Women for Sustainable Energy Solutions to Address Climate Change published by UN Women and UN Development Programme-UN Environment PEI and is one of the contributing authors to a joint UN Women, UN Development Programme-UN Environment PEI and World Bank report on the cost of the gender gap in agriculture productivity together with the World Bank.

Moa Westman has practical experiences of implementing green economy concepts by finding business solutions that benefit local communities and the environment for the Indian wind energy company Suzlon. As Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Officer at Suzlon Moa led multi-stakeholder evaluations of the company's CSR projects focusing on conjunctive land management, women's empowerment and rural development in India. Through this work she had the opportunity of interacting with over hundred women's self-help groups and evaluate partner support for women's economic empowerment. The dissemination of the evaluation results helped Suzlon to explore options of how to better integrate environmental and social sustainability across its business units and improve CSR projects through results based management.

Moa Westman holds a master degree in political science from the University of Stockholm and her master thesis focused on: Corporate Social Responsibility through Public Private Partnerships: Implications for Civil Society and Women's Empowerment in India.

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