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James Haselip
James Haselip
James Haselip joined the Cleaner Energy Development group at the UNEP Ris Centre in 2010 and is involved in a number of activities, including country co-ordination of GEF-funded Technology Needs Assessments and the management of two EU-FP7 projects on climate change research and policy in Africa. James is trained as a social scientist and has used qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct research and analysis, contributing energy and climate policy analysis for both academic outlets and UNEP publications. To date, his academic work has focused on the political economy of energy market reform and natural resource management in developing countries, particularly in Latin America, as well as the assessment of small-scale energy businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

Between 2003 and 2006 James worked at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College, London, where he wrote a PhD thesis on electricity market reforms in post-crisis Argentina, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. He then worked in the private sector conducting non-financial risk assessments for extractive companies operating in less developed countries, authoring more than 250 non-financial briefings, focussing on issues relating to energy security, government risk, corporate governance, macroeconomics, development and climate change. This was followed by a lectureship in Sustainable Development at the University of Reading (UK), where he conducted research into the politics and social conflict surrounding the development of oil and gas in the Peruvian Amazon.
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