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Peter Gilruth
Topic: Programme Strategy and Planning
Peter holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Management and a PhD in Forestry and Forest Product Techniques....
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Posted on 27/04/2015 01:27:28
Dear Dr. Peter,
It is heartening to note that UNEP supported non-Annex 1 Parties to develop clean energy projects, worth over USD 200 million, in order to offset carbon during the first biennium MTC 2010 ? 2013 thus supporting the implementation of, inter alia, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol. The GEO 5 (UNEP, 2012) noted, however, that Latin America, Asia and the Pacific accounted for more than 87% of all CDM projects, while Africa accounted for less than 3% of such projects! In what ways could UNEP enhance the growth of CDM projects in Africa with respect to the implementation of the second MTC 2014 ? 2017? Besides, thanks for your response to the question that I posted on June 10, 2013.
Francis Bagambilana (from Tanzania (United Republic of))
Dear Dr. Bagambilana (Habari yako?),

Thanks much for the question. The numbers you cite are due to the fact that certain large countries do have a preponderance of CDM projects, partly because of their geographic situation and their possibility to offset large quantities of carbon, and partly because of their capacity to turn around proposals and project documents to meet CDM requirements. Hence, UNEP (and others partners with a shared vision!) should work with African countries to build their capacity to submit projects to meet CDM requirements. It is entirely feasible!!