Stefan Schwarzer
Stefan Schwarzer
Topic: Data visualisations (with environmental data)
Stefan Schwarzer joined UNEP/GRID-Geneva in May 2000. He holds a Diploma in Applied Physical Geography form the Universityof Trier/Germany....
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Posted on 18/12/2014 05:32:14
Do you think that the Kenyan coastal area will sink by the year 2020 due to degradation of land?
john martin (from Kenya)

unfortunately I don't know much about the coastal situation of Kenya as I am living in Europe. Degradation of land is a common problem around the world. Due to most agricultural practices, we're loosing each year a small portion of the upper soil through wind and water erosion - at much faster times than the natural rebuilding rate. With this, the production capacity - the health - of the soil is going down too. There are solutions to this, e.g. the soil should always be covered with something, as it is the case in most areas of the world naturally (grass, shrubs, tress covering and protecting the soil). Agro-ecology and permaculture do offer interesting solutions to this problem.