Helena Molin Valdes
Helena Molin Valdes
Topic: Climate Summit 2014 and Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
Helena Molin Valdés is Head of the Secretariat ofthe Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC) since July 2013, based in UNEP’s Division of Technol...
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Posted on 21/09/2014 06:45:55
Dear Helena ,
am in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sudan working in the Environment Administration .thus its very important to build a capacity of my career in Diplomat specially in this issue i hope that i will be in a very close contact with you .i suggest if we can share knowledge with you in every new initiative road map to combat (CCAC) .To your kind information am Veterinarian and doing my MSc in using Bacteria to biodegrade the Oill pollution in the environment (Aromatic Hydrocarbon ).
best wishes Helena
tarig fudul (from Sudan)
Dear Tarid
We are very interested in your field of work. For oil and gas we are mainly looking at reducing emissions from methane and black carbon ( and to recover hydrocarbon liquids in the production before they become pollutants). The Short-lived climate pollutants we work on include black carbon (soot), methane ( and tropospheric ozone) and HFCs.
Another field where your expertise seems of interest is in biodegradable waste, to avoid pollutants and methane emissions.
Sudan is still not a member in the Climate and Clean Air Coalition - something the Ministry would like to consider
You find more information on CCAC at www.unep.org/ccac

Best regards