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Roxanna Samii
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Roxanna Samii is Chief of Digital Strategy Section in Division of Communication and Public Information (DCPI) at United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)....
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Posted on 19/10/2016 18:02:00
"Biology student excited about working with you. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico"

Hello Everybody and Good morning, my respectful greetings to the participants of the committee members the United Nations Environment Programme

My name is Jesus Homero Rey Murrieta, I have 22 years old and Iam a student of the degree in Biology from the University of Sonora in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

The reason for my email is to request information about how can I join or collaborate on projects undertaken within UNEP, this because I find it quite interested in learning and develop increasingly in the study areas of climate change emphasis on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Also I wish to collaborate to achieve reach 17 sustainable development objectives that are planned.

I want to be an example of how every little action you can get great results.

My dream is someday to work, develop myself and play a key role in the offices of UNEP, UN and UNESCO to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and would greatly appreciate your help if I could at least guide me to reach my goal.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.


Atte: Homero Rey
Dear Jesus
Thanks for your interest. You may wish to explore the UN Volunteer programme. Alternatively, check out the internships available in your preferred UN Agency. Wishing you the best of luck