Sara Svensson
Sara Svensson
Topic: Youth and Civic Engagement
Sara Svensson played a pivotal role in shaping the UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth, for which she was an elected coordinator in the years 2008-2013....
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Posted on 28/08/2015 02:04:19
Dear Ms. Sara,
Once again, congratulations for showing determination during the Ask UNEP sessions on April 07, 2009 and June 10, 2012 with regard to negotiations leading up to COP15 in Copenhagen and the Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro respectively. Have you developed new strategies to ensure that your voices are heard during the ongoing climate change negotiations leading up to COP21 in Paris? Apparently, the websites you referred to during the last session, i.e., and are no longer accessible. Lastly, I would like to make your aware of the question that I posted to, was answered by Mr. Dean Cooper during a session on August 11, 2015 that appears under your name!
Francis Bagambilana (from Tanzania (United Republic of))
Dear Francis,

Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your previous questions as well as the new one.

COP21 in Paris is a crucial momentum and you can be sure that youth around the world are busy preparing for it. The listserv is used by the international youth climate movement as the main communication tool for matters related to youth participation in the official UNFCCC process and COP21 negotiations. Other youth-movement work on climate change is discussed here:

One of the activities leading up to COP21 is the Conference of Youth (COY11) that will be held in Paris on 26-28 November 2015: website -, facebook - Simultaneous events will take place in other parts of the world for youth who cannot travel to Paris but still want to make their voices heard.

Once again the youth response to global climate negotiations will be strong. Young people truly care about issues that concern our entire planet, our own lives and future generations.

Best wishes,