Desiree Montecillo-Narvaez
Desiree Montecillo-Narvaez
Topic: Health and Environment Impact of Mercury
Dr. Desiree Montecillo- Narvaez is currently Programme Officer of UNEP Chemicals Division of Technology, Industry and Economics based in Geneva. She is responsible for the UNEP Global Mercury Partne...
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Posted on 22/07/2014 08:42:22
Dear Dr. Narvaez,
How has the UNEP been promoting resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production in both developed and developing countries?
Jaemin Woo (from Republic of Korea)
Dear Jaemin Woo,

UNEP has resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production (SCP) as one of its thematic priorities and is indeed being promoted in both developed and developing countries.UNEP's activities are focused on specific tools encompassing policies, market-based instruments and voluntary approaches, with emphasis given to some specific economic sectors. UNEPs work focuses on four central themes:

1. strengthening and communicating the knowledge base for Resource efficiency (RE) and SCP;
2. building governmental capacity;
3. consolidating and extending partnerships with business and industry; and
4. influencing consumer choice.

If you need more information on SCP, please contact colleague

Kind regards,