Elisabetta Tagliati
Elisabetta Tagliati
Topic: COUNTDOWN TO THE TRIPLE COPs: Children, pesticides, and the role of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Rotterdam Convention
Elisabetta Tagliati is a Programme Officer in the Secretariat of Rotterdam Convention based in FAO, in Rome, responsible for technical assistance activities supporting implementation of the Convention...
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Posted on 09/02/2017 02:24:36
I was told last week in Dubai at The Fairmont Hotel, Palm. The UN gave awards for environmental work. What award was that and is it an annual award and for exactly what were the awards actually for.
Rachel Butler (from Ireland)
Dear Rachel, I think you can find this information on the UNEP website. Good luck

Posted on 07/02/2017 18:34:04
Dear Elia

Please tell me why are not all toxic chemicals included in Rotterdam when they damage environment and children, including here in India and what can UN do to protect children working in fields all day not going to school?
Dev Rohindra (from India)

Dear Dev
The Rotterdam Convention was born to assist and facilitate countries in sharing responsibilities on information for hazardous chemicals on trade. It is an international treaty that does not interfere with national legislations, let’s say that it is an instrument at the service of its parties that implement the obligation and use the opportunities provided . Article 5 is an obligation to inform the Secretariat on national final regulatory action to ban a toxic chemical for consequences for the environmental or on human health, so it is not a call to ban but a call to share information. Article 6 gives the opportunities to countries to identify and share information hazardous pesticides formulation.
The chemicals regulated by the PIC procedure in Rotterdam Convention depend exclusively from decisions taken by Parties themselves, so this process of inclusion is not based on a spontaneous initiative decided by the Secretariat.
We are working on awareness raising and on the strengthening of the decision process at national level, we are collecting data on monitoring on vulnerable groups and use of pesticides in several countries. We organize meetings as occasion and neutral forums for key stakeholders and share opinion on how to improve the situation. Interventions with rural families are essential as well since children are working with parents in the fields and they are possibly exposed to pesticides. We need a concerted efforts at national level form the different Ministries involving also Labour standards and Ministry of education.
I hope I addressed your question.
Thank you

Posted on 07/02/2017 15:59:38
Plants and insects on our planet are influenced by moon. Every plant from a seed to a crop has it's life cycle i.e. biorhythm. Plants inhale during night and exhale during day. They depend on rains and sun. They are sensitive to moon phase. Farming creates waves on the land. As we all are part of global ecosystem every activity influences the whole. Can the UN monitor and coordinate farming activities globally to mitigate extreme weather on the planet? Every farmer in developed country should report and get instructions what activity and what direction he/she has or should perform on his land.
Deivis (from Lithuania)
Deivis, this is not exactly my specialization but I wish you good luck to find somebody to your idea.
have a nice day

Posted on 07/02/2017 09:22:43
Hi Ms Tagliati, I am interested in the connection between the BRS conventions and the SDGs, could you please explain how they inter-relate and what countries are doing to protect kids from the toxic substances for example on waste dumps in Africa and in agriculture in developing countries, thanks and good luck with your important work, David (Dublin)
David Cunningham (from Ireland)
Thank you for this question.

In BRS we are working cross-cutting through several SDGs, bearing in mind that one of the three pillars of SDGs is the social one. In particular the SDGs I am referring to now are SDG 8 - Decent work and economic growth and SDG 12 – Sustainable consumption & production.
Starting from this, I would divide your question in two parts since agriculture in developing countries and waste dumps in Africa are quite distinct problems and require distinct interventions and actions.
Children get into contact with pesticides in rural communities area where, very commonly, the cropping system implies the “unofficial engagement” of all the family members. The BRS works in several countries in Africa to identify the presence of children in the fields and understand which are the pesticides used and at which they are often exposed, directly or indirectly. Based on good data collection we can facilitate a discussion at national level and raise awareness of different key stakeholders on the most vulnerable groups. |Last but not least we can show them how they can benefit at most of the obligations and opportunities under the three Conventions. In particular in the Rotterdam Convention, article 6 on Severely Hazardous formulations can facilitate this process of national awareness.
We have developed two tools on vulnerability of children to pesticides: E-learning course “Pesticide management and child labour prevention”: (http://www.fao.org/elearning/#/elc/en/course/CLPEST) and Visual Facilitator’s Guide “Protect children from pesticides to be used in rural communities (available on www.pic.int).
As far as waste dumps are concerned, the work undertaken is first of all at policy level and on monitoring and enforcing. Because the communities involved are of all different types, rural, urban and peri-urban the national approach applied will look for a better applications of rules on trade and management of areas that should be dedicated at this.

Posted on 07/02/2017 09:05:58
je suis une ing?nieur agronome et master sant? et protection des plantes , je veux rejoindre votre organisation
pouvez vous me dire les proc?dures ? suivre s'il vous plait ?
avec mes respects
bonne journ?e
zahra khoudi (from Tunisia)
Good, morning,

you may want to consult the website under the voice employment.

Thank you