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Benjamin Simmons
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Benjamin Simmons is the founding head of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform office based in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to his current role, Benjamin coordinated the establishment and implementation o...
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Posted on 27/05/2015 04:31:44
Dear Dr Benjamin,
National development has largely been measured using Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product, and Human Development Index. Unfortunately, such measures do not account for environmental costs. In what ways could your platform contribute to the development and effective use of indices that capture environmental costs? Besides, thanks for your answer to the question that I posted on April 30, 2010. Also, I suggest that you find ways of fixing a technical problem in which an apostrophe changes into a question mark as evidenced in the text for the question that I posted on April 30, 2010 and line 6 in your profile.
Francis Bagambilana (from Tanzania (United Republic of))
Dear M. Bagambilana,

Hello and thank you for the interesting question. You are right that most measures of development and wealth, as reflected in GDP, GNP, and even HDI, do not sufficiently take into account natural capital and environmental considerations. Likewise, a number of environmental indicators exist but fail to consider the economic dimension. One of the key objectives of many “green growth” and “green economy” initiatives is to expand on these traditional metrics and begin developing indicators that better capture the economy-environment nexus in order to measure and track the environmental sustainability of economic activity.

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) and its partner organizations have been very active in supporting these efforts. In early 2013, the Global Green Growth Institute, the OECD, UNEP, and the World Bank, under the auspices of the GGKP, published a study exploring a common approach for developing green growth indicators, which can be found here: Building on this report, the GGKP created 193 country pages which set out 20 key indicators related to green growth. For example, please see the country page on Ethiopia: We also have an active research committee on “Metrics and Indicators” (see:, which is in the process of finalizing a paper that is taking stock of existing inclusive green growth metrics at the country level both in terms of coverage and methodology, and identifies the main gaps and opportunities for new investments in data collection, methodological work and indicator development.

I hope you find this information useful.

Best regards,

Ben Simmons