Bella Maranion
Bella Maranion
Topic: Technical progress to protect the ozone layer and the work of the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) and its Technical Options Committees (TOCs)
Under the Montreal Protocol, Ms. Bella Maranion was appointed by the Parties in 2012 as one of the co-chairs to the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP). Ms. Maranion has also served...
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Posted on 20/11/2015 02:53:44
Dear Bella,
First of all i would like to thanks to be a part of Today's Expert on ozone.

Q#1. In first week on November, a conference was held in Dubai titled Montreal Protocol ozone,what are the outcomes of the meeting,and how Ozone Secretariat mobilize the community to address the challenges of Ozone?

Q#2. As you Bella Civil Society and NGOs sector is also playing very important and significant role to ensure sustainable development and sustainability of environment,but there are no presence were seen of NGOs and civil society representatives in Montreal Protocol Ozone meet in Dubai from which was held in Dubai,UAE.Is there any mechanism of Ozone Secretariat to engage civil society?
Muhammad Kabir (from Pakistan)
Hi Muhammad,

Thanks very much for your questions and interest.

With regard to your first set of questions, yes, on 1-5 November 2015, the 197 developed and developing countries that are parties to the Montreal Protocol held their 27th Meeting of the Parties (MOP-27) in Dubai. This meeting, as well as the preparatory meetings of the parties that lead into this annual decision-making meeting, are organized by the Ozone Secretariat with extensive outreach to Parties as well as the broader ozone protection community. This annual meeting is very important to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol as parties come together to make critical decisions on many important areas regarding the ozone-depleting substances controlled under the Protocol. The outcomes of MOP-27 are summarized in an advance meeting report available on the Ozone Secretariat website at

With regard to your second question, yes, it is very important that decisions by parties to the Montreal Protocol are informed broadly, not only by its three scientific and technical panels (the Scientific Assessment Panel, the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel, and the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel), but also by other interested members of civil society, private industry, NGOs and others. The Ozone Secretariat arranges for registration to this and other Meetings of the Parties that is open to the broad ozone protection community including members of delegations from parties, assessment panel members, UN and other specialized agencies, industry and industry associations, NGOs and IPOs, and other observers including press and media. A final list of participants is typically posted on the website following these meetings. I encourage you to visit the Ozone Secretariat website at to find the most updated information on related topics and opportunities to engage and attend upcoming meetings.