Hilary Kinney
Hilary Kinney
Topic: Youth and Food Waste
Hilary Kinney is a junior at West Virginia University in the United States. As an undergraduate, she has conducted research on the feasibility of implementing county-wide food recovery systems and pla...
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Posted on 26/08/2015 07:59:14
Dear Ms. Hilary,
Congratulations for you initiatives with regard to the development of food recovery systems. So far, what is your assessment of those initiatives?
Francis Bagambilana (from Tanzania (United Republic of))
Dear Francis Bagambilana,

Thanks so much for your question! I think the best assessment (and also surprising) I have made thus far through my research here in West Virginia is related to the research I did trying to measure the simple feasibility of implementing food recovery systems on a large scale.

Let's name the source of food (a restaurant, dining hall, or local business) point "A" and the recipient of the food (a food pantry, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen) point "B." Through my research, I found that, although the numbers of individuals who are hungry can be fed by recovered food, the point "B" often does not have the means to facilitate the storage of a lot of leftover food. Secondly, it was reassured to me that the transportation between point "A" and point "B" is a crucial aspect of the food recovery process. It is costly to transport leftover food, requiring labor, a vehicle, gas, and the appropriate equipment to do so.

It's something I am learning day by day still, but the biggest finding was that, if we were to take the food waste from my university, all of it, it wouldn't be able to be safely distributed to those in need. Perhaps the answer is to find a way to provide food to individuals by inviting those in need to pick up their food individually. It's something I am still pondering.

Thanks for your question!