Roxanna Samii
Roxanna Samii
Topic: Communication for development
Roxanna Samii is Chief of Digital Strategy Section in Division of Communication and Public Information (DCPI) at United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)....
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Posted on 21/10/2016 18:02:31
Dear Roxanna,

As far as my experiences in India goes, communication in the field of environment and development is very prolific, but its impact is missing in the society. If you have experience of this part of world, you may pinpoint the exact cause of no impact. My analysis tells that we communicate in pieces. For example, if air pollution is shows its impact, other shows its sources, third shows its legislation, fourth shows something else. The medium for communication are also limited as newspapers and TV channels always prefer political, crime, economic and entertainment news over anything on environment or social. How, this mindset may be changed? Have you got any positive example of impact of communication on environment?
Mahendra Pandey (from India)
Dear Mahendra
Thanks for your query. You are absolutely right, the panacea for communication for development is an integrated approach. However, until such time that we work in silos, this will continue to remain a challenge.

Communication for development is when

- Engage with stakeholders thru participatory approach
- Assess the situation, devise strategies to ensure better and sustainable development initiative
- generate new knowledge
- generate consensus to facilitate change (here we're talking about both behaviour and social change)

Behaviour change is commonly defined as a research-based consultative process for addressing knowledge, attitudes and practices that are intrinsically linked to programme goals. Its vision includes providing participants with relevant information and motivation through well-defined
strategies, using an audience-appropriate mix of interpersonal, group and mass-media channels and participatory methods. Behaviour change strategies tend to focus on the individual as a locus of change.
Social change, is the process of transformation in the way society is organised, within social and political institutions, and in the distribution of power within those institutions. For behaviours to change on a large scale, certain cultural practices, societal norms and structural inequalities
have to be taken into consideration. Social change approaches, thus, tend to focus on the community as the unit of change.

Communication is not only about raising awareness, informing, persuading, or changing behavior. It is also about listening, exploring, understanding, empowering, and building consensus for change.
As development workers we need to:
identify and capture communicable results
make sure the results are disseminated
embed communication as part of development aid interventions
Provide evidence and “show” how development assistance is working
enhance accountability

Hope you find this useful. Regards

Posted on 21/10/2016 15:21:18

We are journalism students in kuwait university. We have a project on saving wildlife in South Africa. We wounder if you can help us to understand more about the topic. Basically, we need to know about the illegal hunting of endangered species, How it could be a profitable business for some hunters?
How does it influence the environment? And what predictable consequences may happen because of illegal hunting?
Is there a difference between legal and illegal hunting?
Thank you
Yousra Elkhashab (from Kuwait)
Dear Yousra
Thanks a lot for your interest and your query. Kindly check out our WildforLife campaign site at On this site you will find some salient facts and figures. You may then channel your queries to wildforlife[at]

Posted on 19/10/2016 18:02:00
"Biology student excited about working with you. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico"

Hello Everybody and Good morning, my respectful greetings to the participants of the committee members the United Nations Environment Programme

My name is Jesus Homero Rey Murrieta, I have 22 years old and Iam a student of the degree in Biology from the University of Sonora in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

The reason for my email is to request information about how can I join or collaborate on projects undertaken within UNEP, this because I find it quite interested in learning and develop increasingly in the study areas of climate change emphasis on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Also I wish to collaborate to achieve reach 17 sustainable development objectives that are planned.

I want to be an example of how every little action you can get great results.

My dream is someday to work, develop myself and play a key role in the offices of UNEP, UN and UNESCO to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and would greatly appreciate your help if I could at least guide me to reach my goal.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.


Atte: Homero Rey
Dear Jesus
Thanks for your interest. You may wish to explore the UN Volunteer programme. Alternatively, check out the internships available in your preferred UN Agency. Wishing you the best of luck