Ruth Sego
Ruth Sego
Topic: Media monitoring
Ruth Sego is an Information Officer at UNEP headquarters in Nairobi. Since 2012, she has worked with the News and Media Unit where her primary responsibilities include data management, media analytics...
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Posted on 20/08/2014 15:18:18
Hello Ruth

What are the key components of a media monitoring report taking into account best practice?

Lannister Harry (from New Zealand)
Dear Lannister,

Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, different organisations have different media monitoring and reporting criteria.

However, media monitoring basically focuses on tracking mentions of the organization or products associated with its brand in outlets across online, broadcast, print, and social media.

These mentions can then be analysed according to; trend of news coverage within a set time frame, geographical spread of coverage, key influencers who are consistently quoted in media reports, distribution of coverage in languages and tone of news articles.

The analysis should generate actionable data that can be interpreted to provide an in-depth understanding of the media landscape and how public discussion of an issue can be improved.

In Environmental Communication, media monitoring and analysis aims at improving environmental messaging with the ultimate objective of promoting sustainable behavior change in the target audience.

Posted on 19/08/2014 15:20:03
How can one mobilize the UNEP Media Unit to highlight the impact of electronic e-waste in the English-speaking Caribbean?
Donovan McLaren (from Jamaica)
Dear Donovan,

Thank you for your question.

The UNEP News and Media unit welcomes citizen initiatives and always endeavors to support communities in highlighting key issues of environmental concern globally.

The Media Unit supports various UNEP programs dedicated to addressing the growing problem of electrical and electronic equipment waste streams.
For more information, please visit:

We are always happy to hear from you. You can get in touch with us directly by emailing

Posted on 19/08/2014 09:00:04
What is the best method of media monitoring globally?
Rahab (from Kenya)
Dear Rahab,

Thank you for your question and your interest in the work of the UN Environment Programme.

Comprehensive media monitoring should ideally include all aspects of print, broadcast and online monitoring.

For practical purposes, media monitoring experts are increasingly moving away from traditional news clipping services and now focus on online media monitoring. Online media monitoring has numerous advantages: It offers coverage in real-time and analysis and reports on the success and impact of media campaigns can be generated within a short period of time.

Online media monitoring also spans across wide geographic area and can also track
broadcast material and social media conversations.