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Mick Wilson
Mick Wilson is an Australian national who's been in East Africa for 20 years and accidentally started work with UNEP in 1989. Previously a school teacher and banking systems analyst he started with UNEP/GEMS as a software developer, but has maulted numerous times and transformed himself at various times into a geo-spatial systems manager, a metadata designer, a satellite telecommunications operator and, most recently, into a zealot.

Mick strives to help break down the institutional and technological barriers that prevent effective use of the environmental data and information that are needed for us to be able to understand and plan the best responses to environmental developments around the world. His tools-of-trade are the open, non-proprietary standards that (he advocates) can help the UN, governments, NGOs, academics, and all the others who gather, analyze, make sense of and make decisions based on environmental information can get eliminate bottlenecks. Mick is, in short, a spatial data infrastructure zealot and a proponent of the vision of a Digital Earth. Mick deals extensively with groups of like-minded individuals within and beyond the UN.

In the real world Mick's interests include travelling, astronomy and trying to keep track of his family.
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