Experts' profiles - Fatoumata Keita-Ouane
Fatoumata Keita-Ouane
Fatoumata Keita-Ouane is a scientist who holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an advanced degree in Toxicology from the Universit Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. She is Senior Scientific Affairs Officer at the Stockholm Convention Secretariat and is lead responsible for technical and scientific issues under the Convention.

A UNEP staff since 1987, she previously worked as consultant for WHO Division of Pharmaceuticals and UNEP/IRPTC. Before joining the Stockholm Convention Secretariat in August 2006, she was responsible at UNEP Chemicals branch for chemical management capacity building, particularly in African countries where she initiated activities to promote chemical safety and preparedness for the negotiations of the Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions; she was also responsible for interagency-coordination and knowledge sharing between OECD and Non OECD countries. During this time she has always been intimately involved in the development of the international chemical agenda and the establishment of intergovernmental fora such as the Intergovernmental Forum for Chemical Safety (IFCS).

Fatoumata Keita-Ouane is a citizen of Mali, mother of two. Among other values she believes in justice, excellence and tolerance, managing today to build tomorrow.
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