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Richard Robarts
Richard Robarts is Director of the UNEP GEMS/Water Programme for global water quality monitoring and assessment hosted by the Government of Canada and centred within the UN in the Division of Early Warning and Assessment of UNEP.

GEMS/Water is a multi-faceted water science centre oriented towards knowledge development in inland water quality issues throughout the world and was initiated in 1978. The Programme works with 24 UN agencies to promote safe and accessible water for all. Dr. Robarts, an aquatic microbial ecologist, has a B.Sc. in zoology, a M.Sc. in microbiology and a Ph.D. in limnology specialising in microbial ecology.

He is an Associate Editor for Aquatic Ecology and co-Editor for Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology (UNESCO). He is a member of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the World Cultural Council (Albert Einstein World Award (Science)), and of 16 other international scientific advisory bodies. He is past President of the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, which supports research and educational programmes on safe drinking water in rural areas.

Dr. Robarts has done research in regions extending from the Arctic to the sub-Antarctic. He spent 14 years doing research and teaching in Africa. Wetlands and saline lakes of the Canadian prairies have been his recent research focus. He has published extensively on the ecology and production of bacteria and bloom-forming cyanobacteria in lakes and reservoirs and the impacts of human-made substances on biological processes in aquatic systems. He is currently working with Russian colleagues on a series of papers and books (Atlas of Russian Wetlands, The Great Siberian Rivers) on water quality issues in the former USSR and present day Russia.
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