Experts' profiles - Mohamed Abdel-Monem
Mohamed Abdel-Monem
Mohamed Abdel-Monem has served as Program Officer of Natural Resources in the Regional Office for Africa in UNEP since 2003. He has been engaged in supporting the implementation of international and regional conventions and agreements related to the conservation of natural resources in Africa, in the context of NEPAD Environment Action Plan. He collaborates with relevant partners in identifying and implementing regional GEF projects in Africa in different areas related to natural resources, as well coordinating the implementation of different activities for promoting sustainable management of natural resources in sub regions and countries including the Horn of Africa, Lake Chad Region, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and countries of North Africa. Mohamed also coordinates support to African countries in undertaking post conflict environmental assessments, including in Sudan, Somalia and Liberia. He also supports capacity building activities through implementation of the Bali Strategic Plan in Africa and China-Africa Cooperation on Environment.

Mohamed has PhD in soil management from Colorado State University in the USA. His professional career has included four years as a soil specialist at the University of Nebraska, and working with USAID in Morocco to develop and implement projects in areas of land and water management in Morocco through adaptive research and capacity building. Mohamed also worked as Soil Specialist at the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) contributing to the implementation of programmes and projects on sustainable management of natural resources in the Nile Valley and Red Sea region, and as Programme Officer and Assistant FAO Representative in the FAO Country Office in Cairo.

Mohamed is the husband of Moushera and father of Kareem and Tarek.
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