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Eric Usher

Within UNEPs Paris-based Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, Eric Usher is responsible for renewable energy and sustainable energy finance programme activities. This work focuses on new approaches to delivering cleaner energy services in regions without access and new means for financing cleaner energy infrastructure.

Through various programmes UNEP has implemented a variety of market support instruments - including seed financing and enterprise development, financing subsidies, risk guarantee facilities and financier advisory support services. At the global level, UNEPs Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative provides a broad platform for engaging the finance sector in the shift towards cleaner energy infrastructure. Overall, these different mechanisms and partnerships are aimed at helping financiers share risks, buy down transaction costs, build capacity and address various other barriers that make building sustainable energy investment portfolios a challenge.

Usher regularly publishes articles and papers in selected industry journals and represents UNEP at international conferences and fora.

Before joining UNEP, Usher held the position of General Manager of Noor Holding, a solar rural electrification company in Morocco and, prior to that, Programme Manager of energy technology commercialisation projects at the Energy Diversification Research Laboratory in Varennes, Quebec.

Eric holds an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Queens University in Kingston, Canada.
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