Experts' profiles - Abdul Qadeer Karyab
Abdul Qadeer Karyab
Abdul Qadeer Karyab s/o Shahnawaz, born in Afghanistan in 1948, joined UNEP in March 2005 as a senior translator, and in March 2006, he took up the post of Environmental Law Programme Officer.

Prior to joining UNEP, Abdul worked as a legal translator with The Asia Foundation (TAF) and conducted translation activities with Land Afghan Project, sponsored by UNESCO. Prior to his work in translation, he was active in the Afghan Resistance Movement against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and headed the Political Department of Hezbi Islami Afghanistan (HIA). In 1989, he left the party, but continued to play a mediating role in peace talks among various parties.

In 1992, Abdul received diplomas in Arabic and Islamic Sciences in Saudi Arabia, and in 1995 he returned to Pakistan to teach and work in private business.
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