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Asif Zaidi
Born in Quetta, Pakistan, Asif Zaidi joined UNEP as Programme Manager in Afghanistan in 2004. Since September 2008, he is based in Geneva as the Operations Manager at the Post Conflict and Disaster Management Branch of UNEP. He is a qualified medical doctor and holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Leeds University, UK.

He also studied at Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, USA, and Cranfield University School of Management, UK. His work in public health eventually led him to development work and he acquired over two decades of experience in international development and environmental management in Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan and Nigeria while working for UNEP, Aga Khan Development Network and IUCN The World Conservation Union.

Asif Zaidi is particularly interested in the potential of natural resource management in conflict prevention and peace building, environment and security nexus, and the linkage between environment and population growth.
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