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Glenn Hodes
Glenn Hodes is an Energy Economist at the UNEP Ris Center. Previously he worked on carbon finance project development, GEF coordination and operations, and capacity building in the Africa Region for the World Bank. At UNEP, Glenn is managing a number of carbon finance technical assistance activities, with an emphasis on Subsharan Africa. He recently co-edited a multi-author publication on determining fair pricing for carbon credits.

Glenn is researching ways to grow the market for bioenergy technologies (e.g. bioethanol and biodiesel) and how to enhance their financing through the carbon markets. He has contributed to a number of policy advisory, technical assistance, and training initiatives promoting alternative energy policies. He holds a Masters in International Development, Energy & Environmental Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University and a Bachelor's in Politics and Economics from Columbia University. An American living in Denmark, he has previously resided in South Africa, Sweden and Kazakhstan.
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