Experts' profiles - Atul Bagai
Atul Bagai
Atul Bagai currently serves as UNEP DTIEs OzonAction network coordinator for South Asia. He is facilitating implementation of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) phaseout activities in 38 countries through the Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP). Drawing strengths through regional presence in the Regional Office of Asia and the Pacific, he has assisted large (e.g., China and India) and small countries (e.g., Bhutan and Afghanistan) on implementation of MP activities.

He has assisted in designing strategic approaches on development and implementation, of institutional mechanisms and innovative capacity building activities in the countries. During his tenure, he has reoriented the networking activities for providing compliance assistance to countries. Using UNEPs strategic approach focusing on low volume consuming countries, he has taken up challenging tasks of getting least-developed countries to ratify the protocol and expeditiously implement cost-effective capacity building and regulatory mechanisms to achieve compliance, thus strengthening sound chemical management.

Atul, a member of the Indian Administrative Service, served as the National Ozone Officer between 1998-2000. During his tenure, he handled significant strategy and policy issues, facilitating Indias ODS phaseout strategy and compliance with the Montreal Protocol. He was instrumental in finalizing regulations for controlling production and consumption of ODS, negotiated sector phaseout agreements for reduction of CFC production in India, and participated on several teams to develop MP policy and regulatory responses.
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