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Mario Burger
Mario Burger serves as a Senior Scientific Expert/Advisor with the Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch (PCDMB) of UNEP.
He first joined the UN family after being nominated as an UNSCOM (United Nations Special Commission) Chief Inspector of the Chemical Group in Iraq.

His interaction specifically with UNEP started in 2000 when the first international environmental assessment on Depleted Uranium (DU) Ammunition took place in Kosovo, and he served as a team member. From that point on, he participated or coordinated the other UNEP Environmental DU Assessments in the Balkans: Serbia- Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mario also participated in DU assessments in Kuwait (joint IAEA/UNEP) and covered the issue of DU in the UNEP Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment in Lebanon. Furthermore, specific environmental assessments were also undertaken in Afghanistan and Lebanon on military waste and weapon related issues. Beside this, in a number of countries, he is involved in the UNEP capacity building process of the Ministries of Environment, mainly of their environmental inspectors and environmental laboratory capacity.

In conjunction with his work at UNEP, Mario also serves as the head of the radioactivity section at SPIEZ LABORATORY. It is a governmental institute of the Swiss Ministry of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports, and focuses primarily on nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) defense related questions but has also an environmental section that is involved in studies and the survey of heavy metal mobility in Military training grounds.

Mario is also a lieutenant colonel/commander of the Swiss Army NBC Defense Laboratory, which is a troupe of 320 soldiers comprising of 150 scientists.

He was born in Switzerland and has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bern.
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