Experts' profiles - Patrick Lumumba M'mayi
Patrick Lumumba M'mayi
Patrick Lumumba M'mayi is a Programme Officer in UNEPs Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA). He works on aspects involving freshwater (Surface and Groundwater) assessments at the global level. This includes Africa, Asia, South America , Europe and North America. He assists in the coordination of global freshwater assessments including the interface between coastal and marine waters involving water quantity, quality, availability and use in the context of sustainable development.

Since joining UNEP, Patrick has been involved in the production of several publications including Vital Water Graphics: An Overview of the State of the Worlds Fresh and Marine Waters." He has also contributed to the publication of several of UNEP assessment publications including Groundwater Pollution in Africa, Facing the Facts: Assessing the Vulnerability of Africas Water Resources to Environmental Change, "Groundwater and its Susceptibility to Degradation: A global assessment of the problem and options for management".

Prior to joining UNEP, Patrick worked with the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project (East African World Bank sponsored project) as a coordinator of the Buffering Capacity of Wetlands Component in the Kenya Government. He has extensive experience in wetlands protection, use and research.

Patrick holds a Masters Degree in Rural Resource Management from the University College of North Wales (Bangor) in the United Kingdom and B.Sc Degree from Punjab University in India. He has 12 years of experience in environment protection, assessment and research issues while working in the Ministry of Environment in the Kenya Government, and he has five years experience in global freshwater assessments at UNEP.
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