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Jochem Zoetelief
Jochem Zoetelief joined UNEP's Headquarters in Nairobi in 2000 to work on donor relations and resource mobilization, especially the establishment of strategic partnerships with major donors. Subsequently, he worked on regional coordination; regional political analysis and engagement; results-based programme development and management; intergovernmental processes; and environmental governance. In addition, he has managed or supervised multi-regional projects related to Regional Forums, Transboundary Institutional Mechanisms and Climate Change at local level. The latter was an interagency project with UNDP, UN-Habitat and UNITAR.

For the past 3,5 years Jochem has headed the team of the Regional Coordination Unit, which serves as a bridge between UNEP's Headquarters and its Regional Offices, and provides a range of policy, programmatic and other services to UNEP's Regional Offices. In this capacity, he is part of the newly constituted Regional Support Office. In follow-up to the outcomes of the Rio+20 Summit regarding the strengthening and upgrading of UNEP, including its regional presence, Jochem is working closely on strengthening UNEP's presence and delivery in the regions for supporting countries in implementing their national environmental policies and programmes in the overall context of sustainable development.

Prior to joining UNEP, Jochem worked with two universities in the Netherlands as a researcher. He contributed to a FAO research programme on savings forms of the rural poor, carried out field research and project evaluation in rural Tanzania and published articles on the role of micro finance in livelihood strategies.

Jochem holds a MSc. degree (awarded with distinction) from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
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