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Tessa Goverse
Tessa Goverse is heading the UNEP Year Book unit that prepares UNEP’s annual updates on emerging issues in our changing environment. Ten years after the first Year Book was published, her team developed a special edition in the form of an app taking a fresh look at ten of the emerging issues highlighted in the past decade (see: Before joining the Year Book team, she was task manager overseeing environmental assessments and science projects in the areas of biodiversity, international waters and land degradation funded by the Global Environment Facility. On first joining UNEP in 2000, she worked for six and a half years on both thematic and policy chapters for the 3rd and 4th Global Environment Outlook (GEO). She also contributed to the design and implementation of various targeted GEO outreach products.

Tessa holds an MSc in Biology/Environmental Studies and a PhD in Climate Change and Industrial Innovation from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In her recent work, she focuses on a wide number of topics ranging from chemicals management to rapid change in the Arctic, from environmental indicators to knowledge management, and from nutrient cycles to gender and the environment. In her free time she enjoys riding, reading wildlife studies and exploring the African continent.
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