Experts' profiles - Kakuko Nagatani Yoshida
Kakuko Nagatani Yoshida
Kakuko Nagatani has been assisting countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region with the application of GEO the UNEP's integrated environmental assessment methodology - for more than six years. Twenty-six of 33 countries in the region have conducted at least one assessment using the GEO methodology. Kakuko works to promote an open and scientific assessment process that generates policy-relevant information for environmental decision-making and management. Kakuko is a contributing author to the 'GEO Resource Book' which was released this year.

Prior to joining UNEP, Kakuko spent two years as Conservation & Development Officer for the World Wide Fund for Nature in UK, developing and implementing conservation and sustainable development projects in Asia. She was also engaged in environmental education projects in Kenya, where she was in charge of the coast regional office of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Association (WCK) from 1995 to1997.

Kakuko provides training on GEO assessment modules, and particularly enjoys showing assessment practitioners how to set-up an assessment, to conduct analysis, and to develop scenario narratives. Having assisted the GEO processes directly for several years, Kakuko enjoys dedicating time to coaching new members of her team and partners to be successful GEO trainers.

Kakuko has a MSc in Environmental Management and extensive experience with international project management.

Kakuko will answer questions in English and/or Spanish.
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